3. Results

3.1 Sampling sites
Our sampling site was outside the Research Lab, as it has low wind turbulence, which would affect our plane and make the test unfair.
3.2 Experiment 1 results
Plane 1: 5.85m 
Plane 2: 3.38m
Plane 3: 5.64m
Plane 4: 4.74m
Plane 5: 5.89m

3.3 Experiment 2 results
Plane 1: 3.95m
Plane 2: 3.1m
Plane 3: 5.04m
Plane 4: 6.42m
Plane 5: 5.27m
3.4 Experiment 3 results
Plane 1: 6.96m
Plane 2: 3.95m
Plane 3: 4.53m
Plane 4: 6.13m
Plane 5: 4.5m

Wing Area:
Plane 1: 99.0cm2
Plane 2: 240cm2
Plane 3: 80.5cm2
Plane 4: 140cm2
Plane 5: 137cm2

3.5 Special observations
Our results tend to vary after each experiment for some of the planes. Also, the planes tend to tilt to the left whenever launched. The launcher broke but we managed to fix it before the deadline. The planes will sometimes have anomalous data.

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