Reflections (Issac)

Our ISS was about the distance travelled by planes with different wing areas. So, first we needed the wood to make the launcher and we took quite long as we were most of the time talking about small issues thus, wasting a lot of time. Then, we made two planes with different wings only to fly. We took such a long time to plan our meet up and when we had done testing the two planes, we were advised by our teacher-in-charge, Ms Teo, to make more planes of different wing area. So, we decided to make 3 more planes. However, there was very little resources and time to build the planes and fly them but in the end, we managed to finish it. When we went to fly the plane, one of our team mate broke the launcher, we were shocked. However, with the help of our hands as our glue was defective to align the launcher as it was possible. We flew the plane and collected the data. We were overjoyed to get the data and angry of things not done to our expectations. I believe there was more room to planning way ahead and properly. Overall, it was an experience where I learnt a lot of my team and myself.

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