Reflections (Anurag C)

Our ISS Project was about the distance traveled by 5 planes with different wing areas. We were to use balsa wood for our project. Luckily, we had spare at school and didn't need to buy wood. At first,  we decided to use two planes and two wings to fly the plane. It took us almost the whole experimentation period! We encountered a quite a few problem's as well. Our teacher-in-charge, Ms.Teo advised us to use more plane's so our experiment was more reliable. As we were doing the testing, one of our team member's broke the launcher! WE didn't know what to do. The glue was not able to harden on time. We decided to align the launcher as straight as possible and fly it. Luckily, we got the data but we were saddened that the launcher was broken. I felt that there was a lot of room for improvement and we should have planned ahead and conserve our time as time is precious. all in all, I felt that this was a valuable experience for me and that it will help me in my life.

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