5. Conclusion

5.1 Summary of findings
Overall, the results gathered from the planes had the same conclusions, which is wing area of glider affects the distance travelled. Although there were anomalies, they were rare and easily corrected. As there were irregular patterns in the graph, therefore, we can confirm that wing area is only one of the factors affecting the distance travelled by the glider.

5.2 Practical Applications
By understanding how the wing area affects the flight of the glider, we can apply our research information to the glider making industry and see what kind of wings guarantee greater flight distance.

5.3 Areas for further study
We need to do some more research on the factors affecting the distance travelled by the glider as our results were varying. So, by finding out what other factors affect the distance travelled by the glider, we can understand the problems faced by gliders today and how technology has overcome this challenges. Through these further studies, more efficient gliders can be made.

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