Reflections (Kai Ferng)

Our ISS project was about finding the plane's distance using the different types of wing area but the body remain the same. We first started with only 2 variables Plane 1 and Plane 2. However, as we found the variable too less, we increased to a number of 5 variables, Plane 1 to 5. When we were flying the launcher, the launcher accidentally broke and at that same day, we fixed it . We flew the plane and got the data and we were very happy as the project is finally finished. I believed we could have done better and planned better overall the group is very good just that we may meet conflicts easily. If I would have done this project again, I would have done it better by planning it first for which plane as we took 2 weeks to just build 2 planes. We could have done much better in terms of the launcher.

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